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Art is the manifestation of that which I cannot articulate. At the same time, my art results in a visual help to my explaining my approach to such difficult concepts. Given each piece of art, and were I to attempt to explain just that one piece, I would find new means of expressing a larger concept.

The past couple years have been ones of exploration—exploration in the idea of identity. The question I seek to answer, very much tailored to myself, is that of personal cultural identity. How have I come to look at the world as I do, and how does the concept of culture resonate within me? Traditionally, one has spoken of the place of birth to be a tie indisputable and the foundation upon which one’s consciousness is built. Another source is one’s parents and their heritage. A further thesis is that the education one receives as a child invariably defines and forms one’s cultural identity, in other words one’s environment has been cited as a main source. My work seeks to clarify that one cannot easily make such clear distinctions between the influences on one’s personal cultural identity. The influences are multi-layered and fine-tuned to each individual. In addition to which, nowadays there is the added dimension that influences from one “source” can at the same time also stem from a multiplicity of cultures. Using myself and the cultures I have become close to in the past, I have aimed to highlight a few of the moments where I can identify certain sources of influences from each of the cultures, and how they interact with one another.

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